Looking for deals

The office rates refer to monthly rent, which includes breakout areas, teas and coffees, furniture, meeting rooms, parking spaces and more.

Keep an eye out for deals when looking for office space. For example, many offices may provide introductory rates for rentals of their space, usually for a specific amount of time, and this period may be extended if you are looking to rent out a considerable amount of space. You could also get creative using your social media channels: why not advertise that your firm is looking for a new office? Not only does this reflect positively on your company (it shows your company is expanding) you may potentially receive an offer on a workspace that may not be advertised elsewhere. 

What about a shared office?

If one of your main aims right now as a company is to try to keep costs as low as possible, but you still require office space why not look at shared facilities? 

Shared offices such as WeWork, Spaces and Work Life can be a great, affordable solution for many business owners, as it allows multiple companies to rent desks in one office and then share services and other facilities too.

Shared offices are often particularly popular among startups, who are looking for low-cost options but still have the ability to use office facilities to help scale up their companies.

Interestingly, there has been a rise in using churches for office space, since they are low cost and churches are happy to have the income.

Research quiet times of the year

The rates for office space can change according to the time of year. Therefore, if you are looking to get the very best rate possible for your brand new workspace, it may require being savvy about when you decide to move premises. Depending on the needs of your firm, the size, and location, the quiet times could vary according to these factors, but are usually around July and August.


Another cheap way to get the best rates available for office space is through hot-desking. You will find that many hot-desking offices provide a large range of rental deals, from daily rates to monthly or even the opportunity to buy annual subscriptions. 

Think carefully about what you need

If you are trying to keep costs down, it is worth thinking very carefully beforehand as to what you want out of your office space before you start researching. 

If you work closely with a commercial property agent like ABC Estates or Pilcher Hershman, they can often help you find a new office and negotiate the best terms too. So do not be scared to ask your agent to help get the best commercials, because they will also want to see the deal go through.

You should think about how you are planning to use the space, and how much of it you will realistically need: do you need that extra meeting room? Do you need storage space on site, or can you store it digitally or move the storage to a facility that is cheaper elsewhere?

However, don’t scrimp on space too much: after all, if you have too little office space then your employees will simply be uncomfortable and this will not be conducive to productivity. Nevertheless, choosing too large an office could end up leaving you paying sky-high rents for space you are simply not using.