Stay consistent

It may seem like a variety is the spice of life, but people are looking for themes and styles to follow. Being all over the place won’t get you a consistent follower base. This is simply because someone or the other will think that you are not concentrating more on the topic which they followed you for. So select topic, theme, and style which you want your Instagram account to be associated with. It could be movies, tv shows, a particular tv show, travel, photography or anything else as such. Remember that consistency will keep your followers engaged. 

Have a posting schedule

If you can’t figure out how frequently to post, then remember that you should start off by posting at least once a day. You can’t keep the followers you get if you don’t post frequently because remember that there are always greener pastures for people to get their fix from. Apart from this, people like to follow accounts which have a bulky posting number. You won’t be able to achieve those numbers soon by posting a couple of weeks or so. Having content ready every day means that your followers will trust you to deliver consistently and won’t press on that unfollow button after a few days. 

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Use hashtags with care

With the coming of the new algorithm, the hashtags have certainly become really valuable. So you should invest more time in researching for the most trending or relevant hashtags, which will suit your target audience. You should keep in mind that you can use 30 hashtags per post and you should use all of them. Here’s a tip you can use- keep a list of relevant hashtags saved so that at least for some you copy and paste them directly. 

Utilize your photo captions 

One of the best ways you can attract more attention is by using the caption part of your photos to ask a question. If you do this consistently and on a scheduled basis, then you can get likes and comments too. 

Try hosting a contest

Hosting an Instagram contest is actually a really effective way of getting followers. For example, you can hold a giveaway contest where one of the criteria to enter would be to follow you and then share that contest post. While you can get a quick influx of followers, but keeping them there after the contest has ended is another matter entirely. 

Using these methods will let you increase your follower list over time. But, there are various sites like Losfamos which can help you with ways you can increase your follower count and that too way faster than any of these methods will allow you to. They are experienced in the tactics which will get you, followers.