Unsurprisingly, an afternoon ‘siesta’ and shorter working weeks topped the charts.

The study, conducted by IXP Visas, polled 1,823 UK-based office workers aged 18 and over about their knowledge of, and attitude towards, common workplace customs found abroad. According to the results, the most common overseas workplace customs that Britons would most like to see introduced in the UK after siestas were:

2. From the Netherlands: A shorter working week (the Dutch working week only averages 29 hours) – 24%
3. From France: A morning hand shake for everyone in the office – 19%
4.  From China: Bringing of gifts to business meetings – 18%
5. From India: Politeness – avoiding the word ‘no’; instead saying ‘we’ll see’, ‘I will try’ or ‘possibly’ – 16%
6. From Japan: Referring to somebody senior by their official job title rather than name – 11%
7. From New Zealand: No discussion of business over dinner (although lunch is acceptable) – 9%
8. From Hong Kong: The wearing of red accessories for luck; ties, scarves etc. – 7%
9. From Germany: Seriousness in business meetings (humour isn’t readily accepted in the office, as business is regarded as, well, a serious business) – 5%
10. From Argentina: Business ‘lunches’ to take place at around 9 or 10pm – 4%

Image credit: Thinkstock