Day spa businesses are, as you’d probably expect, very niche! Still, it’s an incredibly lucrative and busy industry to get involved with. After all, today many people struggle with stress and mental health concerns, and many of them need a place to go to feel better, relax and unwind. This is where day spa businesses can be very useful for people! 

But how can you start your own venture in this industry? What do you need to consider, and what pitfalls should you avoid? What objectives should you strive to meet?

Consequently, here’s how to start your very own day spa business. 

Enough funding

Some rules for businesses are the same, no matter what they specialise in. Funding is one of them, and you need to ensure everything is paid for through fully legitimate means. Any shortcuts here aren’t possible, and there’s a lot you’ll potentially need to fund; staff, supplies, premises, equipment, etc. Always keep your start-up costs in mind!

Companies like Liberis can help you secure the funds you need, such as business loans, with no APR rates or penalties pending. It’s flexible funding, and it will help you kick things off with a bang. Moreover, 75% of Liberis’ customers refinance with them in the future, which means you can depend on them for the long term too.

Legal admin

Obviously, spa businesses can’t just occupy a building and get to work straight away. Licencing is also another consideration that must be attended to early on, because then the firm will be running in accordance with the law. Without this kind of authorisation, spa businesses face fines, bad press and reputations, and even business closure. 

Consequently, you should be acutely aware of all the licencing you need before you open. You’ll need a premises licence for massage and special treatments, and you’ll need additional licences to even play music in your building. Additionally, employer liability insurance will be needed if you’re taking on staff, and public liability insurance is compulsory for dealing with customers safely and legally. Do your research and ascertain what you need! 

Define your brand

A lot of work needs to go into defining the brand of a day spa. Logos, fonts, colour schemes, imagery, company names – they all need to be drafted, implemented and registered. Before you make any moves here, consider your competitors; what’re they offering? What’s their mission? How do they present? This will help you work out how you can build a distinct and unique day spa business. 

The type of clients you look after will also define your brand, so it’s worth considering who’re you’re aiming to attract to the business. Do you want to be open and accessible to all, or cater to a certain kind of people? Are you destressing people who struggle, or simply offering manicures and massages to the rich at their leisure? Workout the broad definitions of your business and how they feed back into your brand image. 


Clearly, there’s rather a lot to consider when opening a day spa business. Much of it is intersectional with other firms and industries out there, but nevertheless, they still need to be seriously considered. Funding and legality should take precedence, and after that, brand and commercial decisions can suitably follow.