We don’t yet know where AFK High School is, but we wish the teachers when we were at school had as good senses of humour as these ones do.

In the video, soundtracked to Whitney Houston’s I wanna Dance With Somebody, the students earnestly answer interview questions, unaware that those charged with educating them bust a variety of moves behind their backs.

The camera operator does well not to give the game away as some of the moves are bordering on ridiculous.

There is one super-groover, however: the teacher in blue at 1 min 32. He’s a big man, but light on his feet and is clearly wasted as an educator. Check him out – he’s owning it bigtime.

The video has impressed those who have watched it on YouTube, with PiotrZlot saying: “Why couldn’t I have cool teachers back in my day?”

Fellow YouTuber Rellimnahtan posted a sentiment many will agree with: “All of these teachers need raises immediately.”

But Ymari Pyatt (perhaps one of the students in the video) remained unimpressed, summing his feelings up in three words: “Not cool brah”.

Do you know anymore about this video, including the boss teacher at 1:32? If so, let us know below.

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