While we’re sure every care is taken handling them, once you put it on the conveyor belt, it is completely out of your control and sometimes it’s a miracle cases make it to their destination in one piece, especially if you went out and got a pretty, stylish but incredibly flimsy one!

To avoid any airport mishaps and pants strewn across the runway – or worse still, in arrivals – you need to know which ones are the most hardcore.

Step in Skyscanner. The lovely folks have gone about testing the toughness of suitcases, carrying out a selection of ‘tests’ (which they filmed) to see just how much rough-handling each piece of luggage could take.

The ‘tests’ included a simulated fall, a beating with a sledge hammer and even dropped a car on them (because that’s likely to happen).

“We know luggage can cop a battering on trips overseas, so we wanted to see how durable the average suitcase really is,” Skyscanner’s Dave Boyte explains.

“We put a selection of brands to the test in our very own suitcase destruction lab. The results were so impressive it led us to take our experiments a step further; were any so invincible that they could withstand even having a car land on them? We were surprised to find out the answer was yes – there are some seriously tough cases out there.”

Skyscanner tested luggage from a wide range of budgets from $40 to $600, including premium brands as well as some lesser known challengers.

The survivors, and De facto winners of Skyscanner’s ultimate suitcase test, were the Eminent Move Air, the Delsey Helium, and LuggageX 77.

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