Their debut album, America Give Up, is out now, though, and it’s time for the boys to make good on all those column inches and frenzied fanfare, luckily they seem quite up to the task.

America Give Up is the sort of record that pulls in influences from all over the shop, most close to home, most fairly recent, sort of an amalgamation of the previous few years of indie guitar rock – think the The Strokes, The Libertines.

With surf-rock Beach Boys smiles and punk-esque smarts, they’ve got the looks, the attitude, and, in frontman Jordan Gatesmith (he of front-combed, shab-rock chic), an indie-cool icon that won’t do their quest for success any harm.

More than that, though, they have the songs to boot. Lead single Back Of Your Neck has a rousing, carefree charm, and America Give Up is stuffed to the brim, with cuts like Beach Sluts and Too Much Blood oozing gutter-rock appeal.

Last year had them signed to Rough Trade, and tour as support for The Vaccines, and if there’s any band whose career explosion they can look to emulate, then it is the west London four-piece. Gatesmith has proclaimed, though, any gigs over nine songs in length bore him, so don’t expect any mammoth setlist here. But with only a handful of songs to their name they’d find it hard to do so anyways.

26 January, 9.30pm
32-27 Cowper Street, EC2A 4AP 
Tube: Old Street