The children are brought over from Africa to take part in religious rituals – they are also vulnerable to sexual exploitation and slavery.

Police have dealt with hundreds of cases of child torture abuse over the past decade due to ‘witchcraft’.

Speaking to The Times, Head of the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child (CRC) Kristen Sandberg said: “We’re concerned about reports that hundreds of children have been abducted from their families in Africa and trafficked to the UK, especially London, for religious rituals.

“They are used in so-called voodoo rituals, and are also raped and sexually abused. The number of convictions is extremely low.”

In 2000, eight-year-old Victoria Climbié was killed in London after her relatives accused her of being a witch. In 2001, the mulitated corpse of a Nigerian boy was dragged from the Thames. It is thought he was dismembered for a voodoo ritual.

Image credit: YouTube