Alan Robert Sloane and Rebecca Louise Sloane, both 30, pleaded guilty to 26 counts of arson at the West Australian Supreme Court today.

Judge Lindy Jenkins said: “You say that the offences were committed in the context of both you and your husband having a break from the children, getting a babysitter, driving around your area and then committing these offences.”

The judge said she accepted that they were both drunk when they committed the offences, but couldn’t see any other reason than to have a break from their young twins.

The pair from Kalgoorlie, were arrested in September after a spree where Mr Sloane threw a molotov cocktail threw a window of a house and set curtains on fire in another house while occupants were still inside.

In the first fire, Mrs Sloane drove her husband and twin babies to a mine site and Mr Sloane threw petrol over a mining equipment before setting it alight.

He then alerted nearby staff and helped to put out the blaze.

The charges committed happened over a 10 month period and Mr Sloane set fire to several properties while people were inside. Mrs Sloane either watched or waited in the car.

Mr Sloane was sentenced for nine years and nine months for 19 counts of arson, plus two stealing charges, while his wife was jailed for 14 months for seven counts of arson.