His response was a nervous look – the trial involves eating various large live insects, and frequently the dreaded juicy Witchetty grub, an enormous white wood-eating moth larvae traditionally favoured by native Australian Aborigines as a nutritious delicacy.

Mark Wright
Mark Wright at the launch of Jessica Wright’s new clothing range last month (Getty images)

Earlier in the opening episode of the annual celebrity jungle trials show he was forced to face his fears and jump out of a helicopter and parachute to reach the camp. Some of the other celebs got to travel in by canoe.

The new series, once again presented by Ant and Dec, began last night. Contestants were given the choice of sleeping in a cave or roughing it in the jungle – they opted to avoid the cave for fear of darkness and creepy crawlies.

I'm a Celeb
The celebrities reach the camp (ITV images)

This year’s celebrities competing to become king or queen of the Australian jungle are: US actress Stefanie Powers, TOWIE’s Mark Wright, glamourous Real Hustle TV star Jessica Jane Clement, controversial madcap comedian Freddie Starr, Benidorm star Crissy Rock, retired jockey Willie Carson, Corrie’s Antony Cotton, Olympic athlete Fatima Whitbread, Dougie Poynter of pop group McFly and actress Lorraine Chase.

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Mark Wright