The Eighties popstrel only managed to bag two stars after being lowered in an elevator into a pit filled with water. On the walls of the pit were eight holes, each containing at least one star, but guarded by various nasties.

Shoulder deep in the water, Sinitta screamed as she released the lid off the first hole, but did manage to grab a star. The hole was filled with cane toads.

Upon being told the second hole was filled with snakes, she refused to open it and skipped straight over to the third.

This time when she asked what was in the hole, presenter Ant refused to tell her because the previous time had resulted in her refusing to put her hand in the hole.

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After picking out one star from the third hole, something brushed Sinitta’s hand and she immediately gave up, yelling: “I’m a celebrity, get me out of here!”

This wasn’t the first time that Sinitta had been picked to take on a trial in the reality TV competition. She admitted that “some of my friends are voting for a laugh – let’s make Sinitta suffer”.

After failing the trial so spectacularly, Simon Cowell’s ex said: “Oh dear, the shame. I got a feeling of dread. It’s getting my mind over that and doing it. The camp won’t be impressed and I’m not impressed either. I don’t want to go back.”