I’m a Celebrity … weirdo Gillian McKeith has been busted smuggling banned food products into the Australian jungle in her underwear.

The oddball contestant broke strict rules by hiding items including rock salt, garlic powder and soup in secret pockets she had sewn into her knickers.

Food nutritionist Gillian had earlier been caught with contraband when she slipped salt in to her campmates’ food, resulting in her jungle jail privileges being removed.

McKeith is steadily gathering a reputation as a hypochondriac. Fellow contestant Lembit Opik said she had now added ‘pregnancy’ and ‘rabies’ to her growing list of ailments.

Opik added: ‘She has been hearing voices. She is very weak and frail at the moment.’

But a show spokeswoman has confirmed that the 51-year-old is ‘not expecting’ but had been offered access to a psychologist after complaining of voices in her head.