You know what it is like, you spend all Christmas eating chocolate and gorging on turkey and the trimmings. That’s how Imogen Thomas claims to feel, going so far as to post photos of her festive fat. However some think the lady – who looks remarkably trim for someone who moans “I’ve put on so much weight over Christmas” – is whining about nothing. 

Thomas posted pics of herself, stripped down to her skimpies, on Twitter, moaning about her increased waistline. The Welsh glamour  model proclaimed: “Im gonna workout and do bikram so much. I cant wait to feel good again,” before adding, for those left confused by her vague mutterings, “On the atkins diet as of today.”

It wasn’t long before the backlash began though. “Oh I’m so fat boohoo. Attention seeker,” nicy0007 Tweeted, and her opinion was shared by others prompting Thomas to respond “I’m sorry if my ‘weight photo’ made ppl angry. I didn’t mean to – I have some body issues.”

Photo: Twitter