The idea of being able to view any street in world with a few clicks of a button (and the address) once seemed little more than fantasy.

Now, Google Street Maps have really moved into the world of fiction by including the set of the famous shopping street Diagon Alley from the Harry Potter series, housed at the Warner Bros. Studios.

It’s the only street in Britain where you can pick up a wand, owl, potion ingredients and a top-of-the-range Quidditch broomstick in the same place. That is, if anything was for sale.

Let’s just hope they decide to stick the whole tour online: those ticket prices would stretch even the Malfoys’ deep, evil pockets.

Also feel free to enjoy this hilarious photo of Prince’s William and Harry and the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton frolicking in Diagon Alley above.

Image: Getty