“Do you have any golf clubs?” I asked my mate one afternoon. “Yeah, but since when do like golf?” came the reply. “When it involves hitting toads in the backyard.” “Sounds good to me.” Growing up in Brisbane, toad golf was considered a great Friday night sport. One. Two. Three. Whack! The toad flew across the backyard and smacked into a tree. The flashlight was on and scanned the grass for the next pair of beady eyes. By nightfall, I was five above par, but the golf club was starting to bend in the middle. It was the least I could do to help protect the local wildlife (cane toads are a poisonous introduced pest). If you ever go to Brisbane, get some clubs and give it a go. On the other hand, there are lots of ways to appreciate Bris-Vegas without the use of golf clubs… Brisbane is a city known for its good weather – even in winter it hardly dips below 10 degrees Celsius. It is full of smart people (it says so on the numberplates!), is less crowded than Sydney and has over 27 km’s of bike paths to cruise around on. The third largest city in Australia has plenty to offer the adventurous traveller and here are some highlights:

Things to do Brisbane’s South Bank is a great place to visit. There are great grassy areas to picnic, swim at the man-made beach overlooking the CBD, check out the markets (Friday to Sunday) or enjoy a beer at one of the bars by the river. Brisbane’s Story Bridge is nice to look at but even better to climb on a nice sunny day, with amazing views over the city. It’s one of only three bridge climbs in the world. The Gallery of Modern Art houses a great selection of works from Australian, Indigenous Australian and international artists. Feel like something better than an xxx-rated movie? Then go on a XXXX Brewery tour and sample some sweet, golden nectar. The classic tours costs $22 and includes up to four middies (285ml) of XXXX, as well as an intoxicating talk on beer history, brewing methods and perfect-pouring skills. The best part is that your roommates back at the hostel will look more attractive when you stumble back. Nightlife For those staying in Fortitude Valley, there are a number of great bars to visit: Put on your dancing shoes for The Family, a pumping three-story club in the heart of the valley. The DJ’s play hard dance, house and trance music and the atmosphere is electric. Birdee Num Num is popular with locals and travellers always has something going on. Decked out with pool tables, a rooftop terrace and best of all a two-hour long happy-hour (there is a God!). In the city itself, hang out with British ex-pats, travellers and sports nuts to watch Premier League football on their big screens at the Pig ‘N’ Whistle. Plus there’s a beer garden, boutique breweries and some of the best bitters, stouts and ales from ol’ Blighty. Down Under Bar & Grillis a great joint is full of backpackers and university students who know how to have a good time. There are Wet T-shirt competitions held every Wednesday, meals for $7 and drink specials on all week. Have a few pints and try the Aussie Kiss (it’s like the French kiss but Down Under!)