What baffles me about London is there are so many pigeons but I’ve never seen a baby one. Where do they come from?!

London’s best-kept secret is my cousin’s house which is on an island surrounded by the River Wandle in south London. The former owner of the property was Sir Walter Raleigh, who brought the potato to England.

The garden is amazing and such a relaxing place to chill out on a hammock in the summer. You can even take a canoe down the river from the back garden.

Where do you go to chill out? There are a few underground shisha bars in the back streets of Edgware Road where you have to knock on the door and tell them the secret password to get in.

I usually go to places like that to have a milkshake and an apple and mint shisha.

The most interesting person I’ve met in London was my grandmother, who passed away a few years ago aged 99. I learned a lot about history through her and her stories were always amazing.

My favourite place for a drink is a hidden speakeasy cocktail bar in Chinatown that I always go to called Experimental. I also like to go to the Scotch of St James near Piccadilly as they make great cocktails, too.  

For when you’re hungover in London you can’t beat a big burger and chips from Gourmet Burger Kitchen or Nando’s.

What gets you up in the morning? My alarm, or my dad hoovering. 

My perfect weekend is waking up at a reasonable time on Saturday, practising on the turntables in my studio, then DJing at night. Wake up late on Sunday, watch movies and then a roast with my friends.

The last naughty thing I did was parking my car in an NCP in Soho with extortionate prices. I was DJing at a club and my jacket, with my bank card in it, went missing so I had no money for parking.

I told the guy on the telecom what had happened and he let me leave without paying, so now I always use the same excuse and they let me go without paying every time.

Five words that sum up London … Get, out, of, my, way.