Since his memorable audition on X Factor Australia, later leaving the show to pursue a different path, Matt has gone from strength to strength, now signed to Warner Music Germany and based in Berlin. His current single ‘Home’ touches on the topic of moving continents, and comes off his anticipated debut LP out later this year.

Ahead of this, TNT spoke with the Aussie singer to find out more about his forthcoming album, his move to Germany and his thoughts on the X Factor experience.

Hi Matt! Thanks for taking the time to speak with us. What’s been going on with you in 2018?

Hey no worries, thanks for the interview!

2018 is gearing up to be a pretty big year for me. My album is out in August which I’m super excited about, it has been a long labour of love. I’ve got a few summer festivals booked in Europe and a tour back home in the Aussie Summer…

How’s it been moving from Australia to Germany? What aspects do you like and dislike?

It’s one of the most uncomfortable things I’ve ever done. When I was living in Australia with my friends and family, who I have the closest connection with, we spent our days very simply creating art and music, and spending as much time as possible in nature and the ocean. In Berlin it’s so different, so many more people, busy traffic and no ocean!!! That’s a hard thing to get used to.

It wasn’t until I started really connecting with songwriters and other awesome people I get to meet through music that I started to feel a little more at home there, and now every year I really look forward to the vibrant city, so full of creativity. It’s such a place of freedom of expression, you can truly be yourself without feeling judged – I love it for that.

Could you tell us a few good things to do in Berlin? 

Eat, eat, and eat! Try out Burgermeister for the best burgers.

Check out the street art at the east side gallery.

Go and see a concert at Small Sessions, head here for more info:

Basically there is always so much going on in this city. All you have to do is walk out your door and you are swept up in the positive, creative energy of the place. It’s magical.

A lot of our audience will recognise you from X Factor, could you tell us a bit about your experience on the show?

My time on the show was an eye-opening experience. I learnt a lot about the big world of entertainment.

Being from Western Australia and from a small town just outside Perth, performing on a national TV show was exciting, and a massive leg up in my career. It was very challenging in the end though, I felt like I was losing a lot of creative control over my art and didn’t feel comfortable with the contract which lead to me pulling out of the finals. I am so grateful for the experience though, I met some amazing people and learnt a lot about myself.

Tell us a bit about the new track ‘Home’ and its accompanying video.

‘Home’ is all about self-reflection. It was written a few years ago when I was at a crossroads with my music, I had to choose between staying in my comfort zone, Western Australia (the most incredible place on earth!), or take a risk and hit the road and travel with my music. I chose the road and to make home a feeling rather than a place. Since then I’ve been travelling basically non-stop.

The video was filmed in my hometown – the beach scene being at Point Peron, a place very close to my heart, so watching the video when I’m away takes me to my happy place.

It’s off your debut album, what else we can expect?

It’s coming!! Looks like it will be out around August. I have a few more little teases on the way before then though.

How was it touring with Shane Filan and James Arthur around the UK?

Honestly, James and Shane are incredible human beings as well as artists it was such a huge honour for me to be a part of their tours, every night was a dream playing in front of thousands of people and sharing my music to such accepting audiences.

I know you also toured with Guy Sebastian. Have you kept in close contact with him since your first audition on the X Factor all those years ago?

I have, Guy and I became great mates when I moved to Maroubra in Sydney a few years ago. We spent a lot of time chasing waves together, he is a great person and we have developed a great friendship. Guy’s music has inspired me for years now and having the opportunity to tour and write with him last year was such an honour.

Check out Matt’s new single Home  here