Pellegrine was apparently mid-song when he was shot once in the abdomen. The singer fell back into a sitting position before others came from the side of stage to his assistance. Paramedics arrived and began to treat the musician in the ambulance but the 20-year-old died in a nearby hospital of his wounds.

The young singer was playing at a public housing party in the district of San Martin in Campinas and the whole incident has been caught on camera and placed on YouTube where the video has been seen over four million times.

No arrests have been made and no other information has been provided by local police.

An unnamed friend of Pellegrine has reportedly said that the young rapper was a “victim of intolerance”.

The friend – quoted in the Hollywood Reporter – goes on: “I hope God gives strength to the family, friends, and fans of my good friend MC Daleste, a guy who only wanted to convey joy to everyone through his music. It is a pity that the peace which we dream of, we often only get when we close our eyes.”

The slaying of Pellegrine comes just days after the horrific scenes of violence which marred a local football game in São Paulo where a 20-year-old referee stabbed a player to death. In vengeance the player’s family and friends in the stands allegedly lynched the young official; beating and stoning him to death before beheading and quartering his body.

Brazil has also been gripped by civil unrest throughout the recent Confederations Cup football tournament, which have called into question whether or not the country will be ready to host the World Cup next year.

As many people have died from acts of violence in Brazil in the last decade – 500,000 – than have reportedly died in the Somalian civil war which has been raging for twice as long.