Get Familiar With The Industry

If you’re going to be entering crypto, then it’s a must you understand the industry. According to ICO Data, over $6 billion was raised by ICOs last year, which is a pretty staggering figure when you compare that to traditional venture capital. And while crypto is on its way to having a big year again in 2018, the overall structure of the industry is just gaining its foundation, which is why it’s extra important to be mindful of the latest trends and why they’re shifting.

An excellent example of this is how different sectors are starting to see more blockchain applications beyond just blockchain infrastructure. For instance, health blockchain companies like Nanovision are looking to provide transparency and consistency for medical care providers to share records, while also offering a much more secure network than what was formerly offered. Being able to distinguish not only what industries are seeing an impact from crypto, but why their essential will be vital for your marketing company to start working with more crypto clients, so get familiar with what’s going on and why.

Conduct Some Research On Strategy

Once you’ve established a few sectors of crypto that might be interesting to you, it’s time to start diving into how exactly your marketing company is going to help them. As crypto company’s needs are shifting all the time, it can be difficult to gain a cut-and-dry rubric to what you can offer. However, that’s also part of the fun in creating a new way to sell this service.

Granted, the crypto companies that you’re after will most likely be going after pretty standard marketing practices (especially on the digital end), which is why the strategy of you implement these is so vital. For example, according to Hubspot, 53 percent of marketers say that creating content is their top priority. This especially rings true for crypto, as you not only have to help explain the service in layman’s terms but additionally tell supporting stories surrounding it. And if this is a strategy you’re looking to get better at, then I highly suggest picking up some ebooks or start checking out some more blog posts on best practices to give yourself the best opportunity for success.

Diversify Your Offerings

As most crypto companies are going to be likely bootstrapping their efforts, it’s crucial you’re mindful of the different marketing strategies that might be advantageous to them, as well as when to execute them. For example, according to Constant Contact, for every dollar spent on email marketing, $38 is seen in return, which could translate to quite the difference for a crypto company’s token sale. Yes, from SEO to social media, having a few tools in your arsenal to use will be a must in winning over new business.

Begin by drafting out what crypto companies needs could be and why. Additionally, compile different marketing mixes based on their business structure, as well as what service their offering. For example, a b2b crypto company will most likely deal with content and email marketing, versus a b2c company might have better success with social media. Brainstorm what type of crypto packages you might be able to compile, as this will give you a leg up on the marketing competition.

Go After What Interests You

Finally, as crypto is still this new and exciting industry, it’s important to take a step back and go after the companies that interest you. This is true across the board, as crypto has thus far provided a lot of opportunity for those who are interested, in fact, as noted by, the number of people looking for crypto jobs has increased tenfold. Take your time and study the projects that you’re passionate about, as this is one industry that’s not going away anytime soon.

Make a list of your favorite crypto projects, as well as what you like about them. Believe it or not, the more genuine of a pitch, the more likely you’ll land the new business, as it shows an understanding and passion for what they do. Additionally, don’t be afraid to reach out to companies that might not need you yet, as starting to gain that recognition early can be beneficial. Remember, this is the time to be a part of perhaps one of tech’s biggest transitions, so embrace it and HODL for the long run.

What are some crypto clients you think would be incredible to pick up? Comment with your answers below!