Chairman of the Muriwai Volunteer Lifeguard Service Tim Jago said that Mr Strange was attacked by a bronze whaler and white pointer shark.

Mr Strange called the lifeguards just after 12.30pm on Friday to say he was going to swim from Maori Bay to Muriwai’s main beach a couple of times. He completed his first swim at which point he was seen by lifeguards, before he entered the water for the second time.

“Almost immediately Adam was subjected to the first of two shark attacks,” Mr Jago told the New Zealand Herald of the first attack by the bronze whaler.

“It is apparent Adam unwittingly swam into one or more sharks feeding in shallow waters close to shore.

“Within a very short space of time – 90 seconds – Adam was subjected to a second fatal shark attack.”

After the first attack, lifeguards rushed to Mr Strange’s aid, ramming the shark with their inflatable but they were unable to rescue him.

Two follow up craft fired shots at the shark and suspect they killed it. Mr Strange’s body was recovered shortly thereafter.

The funeral for Mr Strange was held at Muriwai Surf Club on March 4 and was attended by hundreds of mourners.

Photo: Getty.