The new model is said to feature a smaller 19-pin power connector, a sim card that’s even smaller than the current micro-sim and a super-fast 4G network connection that will only work in the USA.

It means the new phone’s updated widgets and power points won’t fit old charging accessories. Off to the landfill with them, then.

There’s also speculation that a larger 3.75 inch screen will feature on the iPhone 5 – but the new model will be thinner than the iPhone 4s thanks to advances in LCD technology.

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Is this the iPhone 5? thinks so…

The iPhone release details come as sales figures for rival smartphone the Samsung Galaxy S III hit 10 million units. Apple will be looking to catch up with the technological advances made by Samsung’s latest model.

French website App4Phone has quoted that a ‘source in China’ believes the release date will be Friday 21 September.

It’s the usual batch of Apple internet Chinese whispers, but this time they look like they could be somewhere close to the truth. Apple fans, get ready.

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