The app, launched as part of a health and wellness campaign by the Scottish government, is designed to encourage women to “drop a drink size”.

The free app requires users to upload a photo of themselves, which is processed through a sort of ‘drinking time machine.’

What emerges is a visage, tainted by red, broken cheek-veins, bloodshot eyes, a bloated, splotchy face and deep wrinkles. It’s all very unattractive, really.

Apart from confronting women with their ugly selves, the app has a meaningful purpose: to encourage women to drink less.

It comes after research that revealed Scottish women often exceed recommended alcohol consumption guidelines.

However, it is curiosity that an app of this kind has not been targeted at men. Especially when you consider of the 1318 alcohol-related deaths in Scotland in 2010, 909 of them were male.

The app can be downloaded at