Police are reviewing the CCTV footage of business near the laneway off Hope St, where the bag was found, and briefly closed down the area in search of further information about her disappearance.

Homicide squad Detective-Inspector John Potter told News.com.au that Ms Meagher, 29, had not tried to access her bank accounts and her phone is switched off.

“The site where the handbag was found is slightly off the normal route Jill would take, however Hope St is a street she may have used in getting home,” Inspector Potter said.

Meanwhile, Jillian’s mother Edith McKeon, who lives in Perth, has revealed that Jillian called home just minutes before going missing.

She spoke briefly to her brother Michael just before 2am, saying she was worried about their father’s health.

So he didn’t wake up their father, George, Michael hung up and went to call Jillian back from another room, but the call went through to voicemail.

That was the last the family has heard from Jillian.

“It’s not Jillian’s thing. This is just so out of character. I just don’t know what’s happened,” Mrs McKeon said.