This time, it’s North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un who has been snapped up by a keen young woman, one no doubt who will live the life of luxury as many of her compatriots work as near-slaves  in a state of starvation.

Kim’s nuptials to a woman named as Comrade Ri Sol-ju (pictured above) was announced today by state media and follows weeks of speculation about her identity.

She had previously been rumoured to be either his sister or a married pop star he was thought to have romanced.

It is not known how long Kim and Ri have been married, but the timinmg of the announcement is viewed as another opportunity for Kim to establish his dominance as head of the nation.

He also gained the top military rank of marshal this month – days after the sudden departure of army chief Ri Yong-ho

There is also speculation that the young leader will introduce economic reforms to his impoverished country.

Last week, The Telegraph reported a Reuters source as saying North Korea’s  cabinet had created a taskforce to take control of the decaying economy from the military.

The move could bring abou the most significant reforms by the North in decades.

Past trials of a more market-driven economy failed, most recently a drastic currency revaluation in late 2009 that triggered anger at the top and may in the execution of its chief proponent.