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Ann Summers

What’s it about? It’s something of a hens’ night, where the girls get together and pore over lingerie and sex toys.
What they say: “Even for the consultant, this is a party in every sense of the word,” PR manager Katie Byrne says.
How much can you earn? A consultant’s starting kit costs £500, payable at £3.50 a week, and it is estimated you can make £60 on average from a single two-hour party. You also get 30 per cent off Ann Summers products. Hosts get a 10 per cent commission on party sales, plus a free gift.

Neal’s Yard

What’s it about? Sell natural health and beauty products and remedies from a very established high street brand.
What they say: “With an ethical company, with 30 years of success, behind you, it’s easy to make money,” NYR Organic boss Denise Bonner says.
How much can you earn? Consultants purchase a starter kit for £95, and, as well as 25 per cent commission on sales, they get a 10 per cent discount on weekend courses such as herbal remedies, nutrition and perfumery. Depending on sales, hosts earn up to £100 worth of products, plus get goods at half price.


How to be a successful party plan consultant

✰ Keep precise notes about your customers, ie who to give a certain shade of lipstick to, who likes bubble bath, and who would be soon running out of their favourite product and need a restock.

✰ You need to shift a lot of products before you can make serious money, so incentivise hosts to get their guests to buy.

✰ Be shrewd. If it’s a jewellery party, ask women to hand over the emails/phone numbers of their boyfriends, then contact them after the party and tell them about an item their girlfriend had their eye on.