Former solicitor John Morris, 62, has written a book in which he claims Welsh-born Lizzie Williams as the Whitechapel monster.

He writes that she butchered her female victims to death because she could not have children herself – an affliction that led to her ripping out the wombs of three.

“The case for a woman murderer is overwhelming. But unfortunately it does not sit well in some quarters where such a theory flies in the face of long-held beliefs,” Morris told the Birmingham Mail.

“There’s absolutely no doubt that the Ripper was a woman. But because everyone believes that the murderer was a man, all the evidence that points to a woman has always been ignored.”

Lizzie was the wife of royal physician Sir John Williams, himself seen as a prime suspect by many other crime experts.

The book, Jack The Ripper: The Hand Of A Woman, was written alongside Morris’s late father.

Both men searched through thousands of medical and legal documents before coming up with their culprit.

Morris’s evidence has not proved popular with other Riper experts, ,but he also points the fact that none of the Ripper’s five murdered prostitutes was sexually assaulted.

He also says the personal items Annie Chapman were laid out at her feet ‘in a feminine manner’.

The Ripper struck five times during 10 weeks in 1888.