Chef Jamie Oliver stunned American chatshow host David Letterman last night when he revealed that vanilla ice-cream contains the ingredient ‘beaver anal gland’.

“It is a product called castoreum, it comes from rendered beaver anal gland. It is in cheap strawberry syrups and vanilla ice cream.

“If you like that stuff, next time you put it in your mouth think of anal gland”

Oliver was on The Late Show to promote the second series of his award-winning Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Show. Maybe now it should be called ‘Food Revulsion’.

In response to the revelation, Letterman asked ‘When did that become ok?’

Oliver: ‘In the food industry when the cat is away the mice will play. That is the point of the show.The point of the show it to tell people where food comes from.”

Letterman: ‘But why beaver?’

In response, Oliver posed the night’s most intriguing question: ‘More to the point who found out that a beaver anal gland tastes good?’

It didn’t take long for the news to spread worldwide.@wellitywell tweeted:” Sunny day ice-cream has just been RUINED by this knowledge. Keep your beaver anal glands to yourself Jamie Oliver.”

@gDorean joked: “Jamie Oliver has warned the US that their ice cream contains beaver’s anal gland. Heston Blumenthal said: “What’s the recipe?””

and @merbell1 was relieved she was industrious in the kitchen: “Still laughing my
butt off over Jamie Oliver telling the world that there is Beaver Anal
Gland in commercial ice cream. Glad I make mine!”