The thief (or indeed thieves) broke into the May residence in the early hours of Thursday morning while Martin, Kimberely and their little three year old daughter, Olivia slept soundly.

The raider’s rooting through cupboards in the living room and kitchen didn’t wake up the human occupants of the house, but it did disturb, Toby, a giant british rabbit which weighs over four kilograms and is nearly two feet long.

The oversized bunny began to bang and thump around inside of its cage, which was reportedly designed to house a labrador.

Kimberley said: “We went to bed on Wednesday at about 10pm. In the early hours of the morning Toby our rabbit did five loud thumps.I sort of half woke up then realised he’d stopped and went back to sleep.”

“When I went downstairs every single cupboard and drawer were open, there were bits out everywhere, then we started noticing things were missing and we phoned the police.”

When the family woke in the morning they found a hoard of their possessions piled up on the sofa, as if the burglar had left in a real hurry.

“We think that when the rabbit thumped it scared the burglar off and they left all the stuff they were going to take.” said Kimberely.

Unfortunately though for the young family, Toby’s heroics hadn’t been enough to completely save all of their materials.

The thief did make off with a few electronics, other bits and pieces and a family heirloom of great personal value, a First World War medal that had been awarded to Kimberley’s great-grandfather. 

“They managed to take a laptop, an iPad and my handbag with my purse and everything in, but the worse thing was my great granddad’s medal.”

Despite already weighing over four kilograms and being closer to resembling a dog in terms of size as opposed to a rabbit, the May’s believe that their furry protector could grow to be even larger.

“Toby has done the job of a guard dog. We’re so proud of him we’ve rewarded him with a new tunnel to play with.

“It’s a cat’s tunnel obviously because he needs a big one.”