A crew of Christchurch skateboarders are making the most of the post-earthquake destruction that plagues their city, as seen in a recently posted YouTube video.

In the video, titled “Quaked – Skating in Christchurch after the earthquake,” the Kiwi shredders take to the newly formed streetscapes with an impressive bag of tricks, using the quake-created chasms, banks, and bumps as obstacles.

Set to Radiohead’s haunting track Lotus Flower, it’s hard not to feel inspired by these skaters’ ever-adapting spirit.  Amid the destruction, they’ve risen from the dust and rubble and created something worthy of a bit of praise.

The comment section of the video is ablaze with good remarks, many commending the crew on their creative use of otherwise unusable wreckage. Others can’t help but be impressed by the solid skating and right proper filming.

Many may not realise that, along with displacing and taking the lives of thousands, the February earthquake directly affected the Christchurch skate scene, as many of the famous skate spots were destroyed in the aftermath. Still, these optimistic skaters are looking on the bright side the best they can.

“All our historic town spots are gone, there’s dust everywhere, the bumps look better then they are,” the skaters wrote. “Still its kinda cool that every street can be reexplored. Christchurch for life. Nothing can stop us.”

Watch the video here:

-Erin Chack