For legal reasons, the stewardess, the pilot and the airline cannot be named.

The stewardess – known as Miss D – is suing for sex discrimination after no legal action was taken against the pilot and he was allowed back to work.

Miss D claims that she was told that if she ever found herself working on the same flight as the pilot, she should be the one to leave.

Miss D told an employment tribunal that she had been treated “unjustly” by her employers.

She has alleged that the pilot raped her in a five-star Hong Kong hotel last February after a flight from London.

She told the tribunal that she flew back to the UK the next day and reported the incident to police in England. She had not reported it to the police in Hong Kong.

She also reported it to airline bosses, who suspended the pilot.

But after Sussex police told Miss D that making an official statement to her employers could jeopardise a criminal investigation, the airline allowed him back to work.

Miss D told the tribunal: “He was allowed to return to work with no restrictions.

“I was told I was not allowed access to his rosters to make sure I would not be on the same flight as him and was advised if we were on the same flight I should leave as that would be the best course of action.

“I felt he was treated more favourably because he’s a male pilot and I’m a female cabin crew member.”

Since Miss D lodged her claim in October, the pilot has been suspended again, but no further action has been taken.

The Crown Prosecution Service has said it will not take any action over the case, as it did not have jurisdiction.

Miss D’s claim of sex discrimination was upheld and a full hearing will start in September.

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