Japan is braced for the worst as the fall-out from last week’s earthquake and tsunami continues, with fears of a nuclear meltdown heightening.

Plants in Fukushima were damaged by the twin disasters and Prime Minister Naoto Kan has warned of dangerous levels of radiation.

“Radiation has spread from the reactors and the reading seems high,” he said.

Cabinet chief Yukio Edano added: “We are talking about levels that can damage health.”

Meanwhile, rescue workers tasked with pulling bodies from the rubble have experienced fleeting moments of joy in the discovery of survivors.

One pensioner was pulled from her washed-away home and a young man was discovered alive in the rubble of his apartment building.

Word of each miraculous recovery spread, giving exhausted rescuers even more determination to keep digging.

Four days on from the devastating 8.9 quake and its monster tsunami, nobody is giving up hope.

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