Jemima Khan has posted a Twitter message denying that she’s got a super-injunction preventing intimate pictures of her and Jeremy Clarkson from being published.

The British socialite Tweeted last night:

“OMG- Rumour that I have a super injunction. NOT TRUE!”.

Just a minute later she added a second post, saying: ”I have no super injunction. Twitter, Stop!”.

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The rumours of Jemima’s super injunction began when an unnamed individual posted messages about celebrities and alleged super-injunctions on the Twitter site.

Another celebrity also named by the individual, is a married Premiership footballer who allegedly had an affair with Welsh former Big Brother contestant Imogen Thomas.

An actor, said to be cheating on his wife with a prostitute, has also been named as having a super injuntion.

MP John Hemming said: “The system falls into disrepute when it is so easy to find the answer on the internet”.

“The internet is, however, not reliable and, at times, people are smeared by what they read on the net whilst mainstream websites are prevented from printing the truth.”

He added: “The whole business is becoming a bit silly. I think the people who have taken out the injunctions have done more harm to their reputations.”