Shortly after the world’s most wanted terrorist was assassinated by a team of US Navy Seals, onlinne gamers have the chance to shoot Osama Bin Laden themselves.

Kuma Games has recreated the plot to kill bin Laden right down to intricate
details about the Pakistani compound he was kill in.

Kumar War is a free online war game that models its missions on real-world war
events reported in the news. New missions have been released
every month since 2004 and the bin Laden raid features in episode 107.

Military veterans and
returning soldiers help the company recreate war events which have previously featured the capture of Saddam Hussein and the Iran hostage crisis.

Because of the neat end to the storyline, Kuma Games said it was likely the bin Laden chapter would its last.

%TNT Magazine% kill osama bin laden in new video game1

“Since we have to reproduce events in 3D we care deeply
about esoteric details like distances, heights, vegetation, furniture
and the like that have to be re-created in the game. Sounds – dogs
barking, helicopters orbits, pyrotechnics – those are important too,”
Kuma Games CEO Keith Halper told the Hollywood Reporter.

“There was a tremendous
amount of data released as you know, but the magic is in piecing
together the details from the million little clues [in] order to create
a convincing 3D environment.”

Halper described the ability to kill bin Laden as a way for
people to obtain closure given US President Barack Obama is refusing to
release photos of the terrorist’s dead body.

Players swoop in from Black Hawk helicopters and, like
in the real-world scenario, have to blow one of the helicopters up
after a malfunction.


%TNT Magazine% kill osama bin laden in new video game2


However, not everything is according to script – bin
Laden appears in a different area of the compound each time someone
plays the episode and the virtual al Qaeda member enemies behave

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