Jeremy Clarkson has rejected claims that "80 per cent" of Top Gear is faked.

A former Top Gear driver has claimed that most of the driving – especially that showing powerful cars driving very fast – on the BBC Two show is carried out by professional drivers and not by the TV presenters.

The driver said that in 2008, a scene depicting Clarkson driving a Lamborghini Murielago in the rain at 207mph was actually done by a professional driver – Formula 3 driver Aaron Scott

A spokeswoman for the show admitted to the Mirror that Scott did drive the Lamborghini at that speed, but only after Clarkson had done the same. 

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The former employee told a Sunday newspaper: “Most of the time professional drivers are doing the clever stuff. These takes are cut in to the presenters’ in-car pieces when the programme goes out to make it look like Clarkson has been driving all the way through.”

Another insider added: "I would say 80 per cent of the driving is done by pros."

But Jeremy Clarkson has denied the claims, telling the Mirror: "Any claims that I fake Top Gear road tests are utter rubbish. When I say I’m driving at 207mph, it’s because I’m driving at 207mph. If the director chooses later in the day to get a shot of the speedo reading 207mph, then good for him.”