The teenager had supposedly failed a lie detector test, which suggested that she had been stealing from her mother – and led the heavily-pregnant older sister to tell the girl that her family was ‘finished’ with her.

During the show, Kyle told the audience that the girl had a ‘reputation’, and that she had slept with 33 men. The older sister also insinuated that the teenager had been to crack dens, and smoked crack cocaine.

According to the Guardian, ITV was cleared of two breaches of Ofcom’s broadcasting code after the company pointed out that the 17-year-old had applied to go on the show of her own free will and had not complained about the way she was treated.

However, a third breach was upheld after Ofcom maintained that ITV had not done enough to ensure the way the girl was spoken to was justified by the context of the programme.

Image credit: ITV/Facebook