The girls were wearing matching “mini-skirts and boots,” says the text in the memoir. Savile explains that the girls were payment for attending a mayoral ball.

The former BBC star’s our-of-print memorial was named ‘As it Happens’ published in 1974. The Sunday Mirror recently published excerpts of the book.

“Let me tell you about the fun part of the charity deal,” wrote Savile in the text. “I got a call one day from the chairman of a local council. He’d got a new idea for the ­annual mayoral ball and wanted to turn it into a big youth dance, and would I come?”
Savile continues to describe how he made a “stuffy” event into a successful one, but that he would only do it if his demands were met.

“I will come if you will arrange for me to sleep in a tent up the local hillside with another tent alongside with six girls to sleep there as my bodyguards!” Explained Savile in the book.

“My demands really put the dance on the map and 2000 tickets went like hot cakes. My ultimatum of ‘no tents, no girls, no me’ meant the council had to go through with it.”

Savile recalls how the council consciously knew the implications of his request.

“Some of the members only then realised what they were doing,” wrote Savile. “‘We can’t have a council meeting to decide which six of our girls sleep with this man,’ said several, more bewildered than outraged. So half the council left and half stayed.”

The ex-TV presenter explains in his memoir that the girls were given matching outfits to wear.

“They looked good enough to eat,” wrote Savile.

“As the chosen girls were getting ready for the dance the father of one of them realised what was happening, rushed to the event and dragged her home.”

The text also reveals that Jimmy Savile also invite a “millionaire friend” to join him in the tent.
Apparently, Savile also got another request from another UK council, who offered him a similar deal – yet the event never went ahead.

A full-scale investigation is in place, it is believed that Jimmy Savile could have sexually assaulted as many as 900 minors.

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