Seen Jimmy the thumbs up cat yet? Perfect for a bit of Friday time wasting!

Jimmy the amazing polydactyl cat can give the thumbs up sign – on order. A-mazing!

In a YouTube video a voice can be heard saying: “Hi Jimmy. Can you give me a thumbs-up, Jimmy?”

Looking chilled, Jimmy the cat obliges and sticks his ‘thumb’ up.

The description of the YouTube the video says: “Jimmy is a polydactyl cat. He’s probably the laziest cat in the world but he’s also super clever and has thumbs. And he’s got a great party trick :-)”

Polydactyly – which means extra digits – is actually a physical anomaly that’s sometimes caused by a genetic defect.

Polydactyl cats are not uncommon and are sometimes called Hemingway cats, because the writer Ernest Hemingway became a fan after being given a six-toed cat.

Comments from YouTube users include: “Cat have thumbs now. We, as a
species, are finished” and “I, for one, welcome our new thumbed

Another user wrote: “Teach Jimmy to give the finger right meow!!”

Watch Jimmy the thumbs up cat.