She stated that their behaviour made her vulnerable to what she called “unbalanced individuals”.

The highly lucrative author said that following the success the first Harry Potter story she was forced to move house when details of her address were made obvious in a newspaper.

She described a history of invasions of her private life. On one occasion, journalists keen to contact the author put a note into her five-year-old daughter’s school satchel. “A child, no matter who their parents are, I think deserves privacy. Where children are concerned, I think the issue is fairly black and white.” she said. Photographs of her eldest daughter in a swim suit were also published in OK! celebrity magazine and online, despite attempts at legal action. The bins outside her house were regularly searched though. However, there was no evidence so far of her phone being hacked.

“I have, on occasion, been the target of unbalanced individuals. The police have been involved because of incidents or even threats. I think it’s reasonable of me to wish the press would refrain from making my whereabouts so easily identifiable.” said Rowling, when describing the situation when her Edinburgh home was identified clearly in a tabloid publication.

When private family stories started to leak out into the press the author told the inquiry that she became suspicious “I accused my friends and family of selling stories and they accused each other as well.”

Photographs: BBC & Getty Images