Today, former art teacher Joanne Salley is arguably prestigous Harrow School’s most famous product.

Salley, the ex-girlfriend of England rugby player Matt Dawson, was snapped topless by a fellow school teacher Fiona Corthine, a professional photographer in the school’s artrooms.

The titilating images were discovered by a schoolboy in the photography laboratory – where they had been left on a memory stick – and duly distributed to pupils and staff alike.

Seven prime ministers, including Winston Churchill, and two kings have attended the school but today it is Salley who is its most-talked about person.
The images have now been seen by the majority of the school’s 825 male pupils, its teachers and even its kitchen staff. Million of other people are scouring the web for the shots, sharing them on Twitter when finding them.
Twitter user @seanABellis even took the time to tweet Matt Dawson: “just google’d ‘Joane Salley’ and a picture of her and you pops up, if she’s your partner, you’ve done goooood!!!”
The Daily Mail is the only publication to have the pictures after being sent them by a Harrow Schoolboy – the cheeky chap kindly placed ‘modesty boxes’ on the image before emailing them to the newspaper.
Meanwhile, The Sun, usually the sort of paper to be all over such pictures, had its comments board ringing with calls for the paper to get its hands on the pics for readers.
Salley has gone into hiding after fleeing the school in tears and it is unlikely she will return.
Her Wikipedia page reveals she is a former Miss Northern Ireland winner who trained in ballet for 15 years.

As well as being hot, she has raised funds for charity by running the New York Marathon, climbed Mt Kilimanjaro and has visited the site of the world’s highest active volcano in Ecuador where she helped build a school for an isolated community. She has also worked for charities such as Breast Cancer, Astma UK and Mencap.