Jodie Marsh posed naked and posted pictures of herself in underwear on Twitter in a day which saw the world bombarded with the glamour-model-turned-bodybuilder’s muscular physique.

Marsh posted pictures of herself in underwear following a shoot for Zoo magazine. On the same day, naked pictures of the 32 year old have appeared in The Sun.

After taking part in the Natural Physique Association Championships earlier this month, Marsh has been getting her kit off at every opportunity, showing off a terrifyingly muscular bod, replete with day-glo perma-tan.

Referring to her new TV show for Channel 5, Marsh initially threatened to post a naked picture of herself on Twitter, writing:

“Oh my goodness my shoot today was awesome! Start filming my new tv show tomorrow! So excited! Wanna put sneaky pic on from 2day but nude?!”

Jodie Marsh posted this picture on her Twitter account @JodieMarsh

However, she thought better of it and instead shared two photos in which she poses in bra and knickers.

“Found one that’s not nude 🙂 got hundreds from today but most nek-ed!!! Haha x x x,” Marsh wrote.

When fans complained that the pics were not dude, as promises, Marsh replied:

“Haha is nudity allowed on twitter? I’m new to this!! Surely not?! You lot are pulling my leg 😉 I’ll get in trouble.”

More Jodie Marsh on Twitter

Jodie Marsh has revealed that she trains for up to eight hours a day to keep her body in its current condition.

Stripping off for The Sun, she said: “I can honestly say this is the most proud of my body I’ve ever been. I absolutely love how I look now and would run naked across a crowded street if you asked me to!”

You’ve been warned.

See Jodie Marsh’s naked pictures for The Sun here.