A two week old baby has survived 47 hours trapped in the rubble of Turkey‘s devastating earthquake which has claimed at least 200 lives.

Tiny Azra Karaduman was pulled safely from a collapsed building by rescue workers before being bundled into an ambulance as locals cheered and wept.

The baby, whose name means “help” in Hebrew, survived despite the freezing conditions.

Moments later the little girl’s mother Semiha and grandmother Azra’s gran Gulsaadet Karaduman, 73 were also pulled to safety.

Emotional rescue leader Oytun Gulpinar’s told The Sun: “It is priceless to find someone alive.”

“All my exhaustion is over. I got to hold a baby, which is utterly priceless.”

Azra was snatched to safety from her mother’s lap by Kadir Direk, 35 who had burrowed through the debris of fallen masonry and twisted metal to reach her.

“I was the happiest person in the world when I held her,” he said.

Later a ten-year-old boy was also pulled alive from the rubble after being trapped for a staggering 54 hours.

The earthquake, measuring 7.2 in magnitude struck on Sunday.

Many more are feared trapped under the rubble with emergency services working through the night to find services