You can make serious savings on your daily travel if you swap your monthly or weekly travelcard for an annual one, but it does mean you have to stump up a lump sum. Until now…

CommuterClub allows you to spread the cost, so you get the cheaper travel, without the upfront spend. The site makes annuals affordable through a safe and simple low-cost payment plan. It allows you to enjoy the big discounts and extra benefits of an annual ticket, but maintain all the flexibility of buying monthly. 

In fact, you pay for it over 11 months, so month 12 is free. There are no hidden fees and it’s easy to cancel. It’s a convenient way to spread the cost and you never have to queue to buy a ticket or remember to top up again. 

You do pay interest on the re-payments, but you could still save yourself more than £173 a year compared to monthlies (zones 1-4) and even more versus weeklies. Plus, you avoid any fare price inflations throughout the year. 

Here’s an example of what you would pay: A Zone 1-4 Annual Travelcard costs £1800. You will pay 11 monthly payments of £172.80, totalling £1901.11, which means you’ve paid £101 in interest (14.3% APR. Interest rate: 5.6% pa fixed). 

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