Two men have been arrested in Devon over a suspected plan to murder singer Joss Stone.

Detectives found the men outside the soul singer’s Devon country home. Their car contained weapons, swords, rope and a body bag.

The two men, aged 30 and 33, also had plans to the millionaire star’s isolated house.

The pair are now being questioned at a police station in Exeter. They are being held on conspiracy to rob and murder. 

The men were stopped after neighbours saw them driving around Stone’s home in a red Fiat Punto. They had driven there from Manchester.

The pair are being held on conspiracy to rob and murder. 

Joss Stone is due to begin a music tour next month. She was a guest at the Royal Wedding.

A spokesman for Stone said that police were keeping her up-to-date.

A source told the Telegraph: “The pair were brought in on Tuesday morning and are in the cells.”

“They are being quizzed about a plot to cause Joss Stone really serious harm.

“They have their solicitors with them but the police want to know what lies behind this.”

The source added: “The police want to know if this alleged conspiracy is about her money and fame or just some kind of resentment over her success.

“But this will make her feel very vulnerable living on the outskirts of a quiet and isolated village in Devon when she isn’t touring around the world.

“She is due to go on tour next month with gigs in Europe.”

They added: “It looks like this pair had an A-Z of what they were planning to do.

“A body bag, swords and maps of where she lives in mid Devon were recovered.

“It looks like they were going to do her really nasty harm if they didn’t get what they wanted.”