Appearing at the trial of the two accused men, Kevin Liverpool and Junior Bradshaw, the 25-year-old soul star said: “I’ve lived in Devon for a long time and nobody really shuts their door.”

Liverpool, 35, and Bradshaw, 32, both of Manchester, were arrested by police who seized a samurai sword, hammers, a metal spike and a knife, the court was told.

The man were also found with balaclava helmets, gloves, body bags, gaffer tape, maps and a roll of plastic bags.

The court was also told that written messages found by police led to the allegation that the men had plotted to decapitate Stone and dispose of her body in a river.

The prosecution said they are not aware of the men’s motive.

Liverpool and Bradshaw deny planning to murder the singer and have pleaded not guilty to conspiring to cause her grievous bodily harm or rob her.

The pair was arrested a few miles from Stone’s home, but she didn’t become aware of the event until later that day when contacted by police.

Stone, referred to in court by her real name Jocelyn Stoker, told the court today: “Apart from someone [the police] coming around to say someone is trying to kill me, it was a really nice day.”

“I had an alarm but I did not really turn it on very much. I didn’t really have a lock on my door … But I do now.”

Philip King QC, representing Liverpool, asked about the police’s arrival at her home: “That was strange – it was a surprise.”

The prosecution claims Liverpool researched celebrities on a computer at a local library before setting his sights on Stone.

A fortnight before their arrest, it’s claimed the two visited the village where Stone lived, where a red car was seen to drive slowly past the singer’s home.

The men were arrested in Devon in a red Fiat Punto.

Prosecutor Simon Morgan told the jury: “The crown says with this arsenal of weapons it is obvious they were intent upon serious violence. The intended target is Joss Stone. They had decided upon this action some time before and this was the time to put it into effect.”

The jury was told the men had asked a postman for directions, showing a picture of Stone to find out where she lived.

The postman said he didn’t know, the court was told.

Later in the day three local women told police they saw the car and felt the men in it were  “agitated and behaving abnormally” – they phoned police.

The men’s flat in Longsight, Manchester, was housing a pistol, crossbow and a BB gun, police reports say.

Among the notes found by police, one referred to decapitation and another to the Queen as a “she-devil”.

Others tendered to the court read:

“Joscelyn [sic] Stoker … RIP for ever”

“I don’t kill just for dollars, only for good cause or reason.”

“Once Jocelyn’s dead … find a river to dump her.”

The trial continues.

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