Victim Peter Blenkiron claims he was abused by Christians and is overjoyed with Gillard’s decision to tackle the problem head on.

“This is massive. I’ve just been speaking to blokes in tears, tears of joy,” Blenkiron said to

“It’s a necessary short-term pain for long-term gain that brings out the truth.”

Blenkiron explained how he is one of hundreds of boys were abused during the ‘70s. He attended St Patrick’s College in Ballarat.

He believes that it’s important that victims receive compensation to help victims with their medical bills following the abuse, and that the royal commission has a responsibility to address the number of suicides taking place, years on, as a result of sex abuse.

Australian lawyer Vivian Waller has represented victims of sex abuse in church organisations.

“I think this is a wonderful step in the right direction,” Waller said to

“I can express relief and elation on behalf of my clients, who for too long have thought the Catholic church has acted as a law unto itself.”

Meanwhile, Nicky Davis from SNAP (Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests) is delighted at Gillard’s decision.

She told ABC television: “Our suffering is being recognised, our voices are being heard and this is a wonderful thing.
“We are the experts in how they managed to get away with this for so long.”

MP Tony Windsor assures that the royal commission will not turn into a witch hunt, but it instead about justice.
“give them hope that they can have a future in which they can move on from the past,” explained Windsor.

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