A video of Julian Assange dancing at a Reykjavík disco has been posted on Youtube and shows the WikiLeaks founder as you’ve never seen him before (except on his OKCupid dating profile maybe).

The video was shot in 2009 and the DJ claims he had no idea the white-haired dancer in the Iceland club was Julian Assange and was simply filming his slinky moves.

DJ Seth, who filmed the disco footage and also took pictures of Assange dancing, said: “[Assange] hesitated at first and I told him that I would not put them on Facebook.

“I thought it was cool that an older guy was going crazy to our music, since we played for a younger crowd.”

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Seth decided to put the video on Youtube however, saying: “I found his ability to let go on the dance floor very inspiring and I thought it would be interesting to let other people see it and make up their mind about his dancing.”

Watch Julian Assange dancing in a Reykjavík disco here.


Assange’s dancing has already been held up to scrutiny. In Inside Wikileaks, Assange’s one-time colleague Daniel Domscheit-Berg claims he looks like a “tribesman” when he dances and that he wasn’t “very rhythmic or coordinated, and he didn’t seem to have that much feeling for the music, but he did possess a certain cool.”

However, Assange’s carefree disco dancing days may be behind him. The WikiLeaks founder currently under house arrest in Britain after losing the first round of his fight against extradition to Sweden.

If Assange is extradited he will face charges of the alleged sexual assault of two women. He has denied these allegations, claiming they are part of a smear campaign against both him and WikiLeaks.