She also wrote that Assange is “undermining both himself and his own transparency agenda – as well as doing the US department of justice a favour – by making his refusal to answer questions in Sweden into a human rights issue.” Khan is the latest in a long line of Assange supporters who have since defected.

Khan had stood bail for Assange while he fought extradition to Sweden over sexual assault accusations. The WikiLeaks founder, who is confined to the Ecuadorian embassy in London, denies the claims.

Khan wrote that by avoiding the assault allegations, “WikiLeaks – whose mission statement was ‘to produce … a more just society … based upon truth’ – has been guilty of the same obfuscation and misinformation as those it sought to expose.”

Khan and Assange first fell out over her involvement in the film We Steal Secrets, an  American documentary about WikiLeaks and its controversial founder.