Following his recent racist videos which were leaked online, Bieber enlisted the help of Pastor Carl 
Lenz in New York last month to help him stop making any further blunders.

As part of the purging process, Bieber apparently had to attend a number of church services, study specific bible passages and then undergo a baptism, which was performed in a bathtub at a friend’s house instead of a normal church setting due to Bieber wanting to keep the ceremony private.

As a religious rite that serves as regeneration and purification of the soul, as well as an admission into the Christian Church, news of the baptism comes just after Bieber shared a biblical extract on his Instagram last week, referring to forgiveness of sins.

Last week evidence emerged of Bieber, aged 14 at the time, making racist slurs, including a racist version of his song One Less Lonely Girl, replacing the word ‘girl’ with ‘n****r’ and making a joke about why black people are afraid of chainsaws.

Following the leak, Bieber has also issued a public apology for “offending or hurting anyone with my childish and inexcusable mistake.”

Image credit: Getty