Anna Larke, 38, alleged in St Albans Crown Court that the incident took place during a night out drinking.

She has also alleged that Collins, also 38, carried out a campaign of domestic abuse lasting nine months, during which she claims he repeatedly beat her, made her detail past sexual encounters on paper, forced her to sleep facing him and binned her DVD collection because he was jealous of the stars.

Sonia Woodley QC, defending Collins, told jurors of three times Larke had attempted to take her own life.

The barrister asked Larke: “You once tried to throw yourself in front of a car, didn’t you?”

Larke replied: “No. He [Collins] tried to push me in front of a car when he was drunk out of his head.

“I was with him and Alan Carr. We were walking down the street and he was shoving me and pushed into traffic.

“He pushed me in front of a car. I was lucky a man who was walking along caught me before I fell in front of the cab.”

Woodley asked: “Alan Carr can confirm this can he?”

Larke replied: “He was drunk too, but yes. I stayed at his house that night. It was quite an evening.”

Larke later told the court that she made up suicide stories to stop Collins from asking her questions.

The case continues.

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