The American rapper, who had been scheduled to play at the postponed Supafest shows in Melbourne and Sydney became involved in the unseemly incident after he was booed by sections of the crowd at a gig of his own in Hawthorn.

He apparently invited the loudest, most raucous booer up onstage to confront him.

“Come up here! Come up here! I’ll beat your ass in front of all these sexy ladies,” the rapper is reported as saying to the man, who was only too happy to take him up on his offer.

The ensuing brawl was filmed (as almost everything these days is) on a mobile phone, and the footage found its way to Channel 7, who rather selfishly haven’t allowed it to be put up on YouTube. Damn you, Channel 7!

If you do want to watch the fight on a site that isn’t TNT Downunder‘s (and why would you ever want to read or watch anything that isn’t on this website?) here’s a link to the Herald Sun‘s story which also has the video, not to mention the handsome visage of Chris Bath.

K–Mac is apparently one of the “nice guys” of the American rap scene, a man who goes to church and sings with his mother on Sundays, when he’s not being payed ridiculous amounts of money to tour the world and rap that is.

McCall was also scheduled to perform at Supafest in Sydney, which was cancelled due to a lack of ticket sales.

The setbacks for Supafest has only furthered doubts about whether or not an all hip-hop music festival can survive, let alone prosper in Australia.